The GLOW Bundle

The GLOW Bundle

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The GLOW Bundle is a luxurious collection created to give you an in home pampering experience for your skin. The ultimate self care that you deserve.

Featuring skin-glowing Body Soufflé, exfoliating Body Sorbet, purifying Rose Face Mask, and refreshing Hydrating Rose Face Mist


While in shower, rub Body Sorbet into skin in circular motion to exfoliate and slough dead skin cells, then allow to sit for a minute before rinsing. Once exited shower and dry, massage Body Soufflé all over the body (a little goes a long way) for nourishing moisture and hydration. 

Mix Rose Face Mask with water until it forms a paste then smooth over face. Rinse thoroughly just as it dries (we recommend not leaving it on until cracks form). Spritz Hydrating Rose Face Mist liberally on face and neck. Finish up with your favorite moisturizer and sunscreen.

Collection includes ($82 value):

1 x 4oz/113g Body Soufflé
1 x 8oz/225g Body Sorbet
1 x 2oz/56g Rose Face Mask
1 x 2oz/60g Hydrating Rose Face Mist



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